Chronicles of Dinosauria: A review

“Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History & Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man” by Dave Woetzel (Illustrated by Richard Dobbs) presents the reader with a simple yet riveting testimony of the real history of dinosaurs. Woetzel captures five areas of evidence for the coexistence of man and dinosaurs. He does this in a methodological and fun way that is both easy to read and foundational in our understanding of dinosaurs and their fate.

When I first opened the book, I couldn’t help but notice the very unique, powerful, and beautiful illustrations provided by Richard Dobbs. Dinosaurs have always captured our hearts and imagination and Dobbs brings them to life the way they should be – from a Biblical standpoint. Scattered throughout the book are detailed pictures of Dinosaurs in various, thought-provoking circumstances. The illustrations enhance the material presented by Woetzel. For example, there is a picture of Noah’s ark on page 17 that captures the real fate of most of the Dinosaurs. This particular illustration is detailed, sad, and makes you realize that all the guessing games played by today’s Darwinian evolutionists can easily be answered by a worldwide flood. I would like to extend my compliments to Mr. Dobbs for his excellent work on this book.

In his introduction, Woetzel asks, “Why is it important that we carefully study the past to achieve a proper view of origins?” He then answers, “It is critical because such study sets up our worldview and becomes foundational to our whole philosophy of life today.” With this platform, the book launches the reader into an easy-to-understand view of history based on the revelation of the Bible. This is a critical concept that sets the tone for the rest of the book. Indeed, any Bible-believing Christian must grapple with aligning old worldviews and habits to the newly gained truth of the salvation presented through Jesus Christ. For thousands of years people worldwide and throughout time have known that there is a Creator, there was a world-wide flood, and dragons existed. There have always been naysayers. But, in recent time, those naysayers have gained much power to promote a godless philosophy of our world. This godless philosophy (Darwinian evolution) leaves those believing in it with an empty view of life. After all, if evolution is true, then all of us are just animals and should expect to react and live based on “instinct” then die.

Thank God for the truth of Scripture. And, thank Dave Woetzel for presenting us with evidence of this truth. Woetzel outlines his presentation into five easy-to-remember evidences for dinosaurs and man living simultaneously: the biblical evidence, the historical evidence, the artistic evidence, the fossil evidence, and the cryptozoological evidence. The last bit of evidence raised my eyebrows. I have always thought of this field of study as a rogue branch of science. However, Woetzel explains the concept beautifully in his introduction to this form of evidence. What’s more, he provides real evidence of this form of study in action. Take note of his presentation of the Coelocanth on page 58.

You will enjoy this book. There are eyewitness accounts that have been lost in time. Woetzel does an excellent job of presenting these stories from witnesses such as St. John of Damascus, the Roman historian Dio, Ulysses Aldrovandus (the father of modern natural history) and Athanasius Kircher (a 17th century writer). Reading through these stories was amazing and faith-building. You will not get this information from a secular system that puts evolution on a pedestal. I was amazed at the record of man interacting with what was known as “dragons”.

I also enjoyed the presentation of artistic evidence. The author supplements this evidence with various photographs and illustrations. This allows the reader to easily see that the ancient artists were depicting, in detail, what they had seen. That is, the artwork presented could not have been imagined. These ancient artists saw something real (dinosaurs) and then proceeded to decorate murals, altars, vases, etc with what they saw. Thank you, Mr. Woetzel for including this section in the book. I especially appreciate the regional breakdown of art. I know this could have been a more exhaustive section, but the presentation is perfect and compelling.

“Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History & Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man” will be a wonderful addition to your library. I intend to keep it and take it out as an entertaining and educational experience. I will make sure my children read and understand this book. The author pens the evidence with a godly understanding of history and includes references to the Bible as well as a presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I recommend this as an easy read. But, I want to warn you. Everything you have been taught by a secular society will be challenged by the facts. Get ready for a great time!

Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History & Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man is published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group.

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